Looking for high quality candidates?

high quality candidates

We can list all your UK jobs and send 1000’s of high quality candidates to your recruitment website.
We accept jobs from UK based websites of all sizes and we are very effective in attracting niche market candidates. Our PPC rates are very competitve and a cost effective way of reaching candidates, increasing the response for your clients and therefore promoting your brand.

UK Only Candidates…

UK Only Candidates

Advertising on the UK Jobs Network means one thing…UK candidates! We run and market 30 niche job sites attracting active and passive UK Job Seekers. We are supremely confident in our service and as such we will only charge you for UK candidates*.

Check with your existing PPC provider for a geographical breakdown of their traffic, and check your own statistics. Why should you pay for non UK candidates? Try the UK Jobs Network today and see for yourself.

Job seekers applying through our niche sites apply for more jobs than candidates supplied by other PPC providers such as generic search engines.

Great value PPC pricing…

We offer the same fair pricing models to all our clients with discounts available for long term advertisers and / or those with uncapped budgets.

You pay only for UK based candidates* and you can set limits on how much you wish to spend and spread your budget out over a period that best suits you.

Full reporting & statistics…

reporting & statistics

We believe it’s important to have openness and transparency in our reporting and billing so you can have complete confidence in our service.

As a client you would have access to detailed reports and daily log files showing how many candidates we’ve sent, the total number of clicks received, how many we’ve billed for and how many have been discounted. We keep you fully informed of how we are working for you!