How to find your dream job – a detailed guide for job seekers

Use as many different job search options as possible. Diversify your search as much as possible. The more job search methods you use, the higher the likelihood of success. In the next section of the article, we will consider them more carefully and outline the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of each of them.

Create an effective resume

There are certain rules for compiling a resume, which should be followed if you want to succeed. These federal resume templates will teach you exactly how to write and format your resume. You must give the impression of a trained, purposeful and serious person to the employer. The resume is the first thing on which the employer is based his conclusions, considering the specific candidacy of the job seeker.

The resume should be:

  • Concise and containing only relevant and important information. The employer usually does not have time to read your detailed and detailed essays, so the information should be placed as concisely, effectively, correctly as possible. You should not describe your life path in the column “about yourself”, starting with the kindergarten. This should contain information useful to the employer, emphasizing your professional merits or testifying to the ability to work in a team.
  • Written without errors and logical inconsistencies. Even if you are hired as a turner in a factory, you must prove yourself to be a competent and responsible person: it’s good to check the text for errors at the moment. The ability to present information in a logical and structured way is a quality that is appreciated in any position.
  • Properly designed. Each column in this document is given a specific place. If you write about professional and personal qualities in one section or admit negligence in your resume, HR specialists are unlikely to cover you with invitations to an interview.

Work on the resume for several hours, approaching the matter seriously and thoroughly: after that you can safely send it to online agencies, to specific companies, to personnel services or to labor exchanges. We already have a popular article on the site on how to write a resume correctly.

A resume must include: personal and contact information, wishes for future work, experience, professional skills, education, available awards and diplomas of a professional nature. If you are a person with a military background, but decided to retire, this complicates the task. After all, resume writing military to civilian is not an ordinary resume, and here you can’t do without the help of a specialist.

You can also create your resume using the builder on the official website of the USAjobs. The service is very simple and convenient to use. You can immediately send your resume to the employer or print it.

Create an effective resume

Get ready for an interview

Of course, your professionalism and knowledge ensure 80% success, but the impression you will make on the recruiter during the interview also matters.

All 100% of the ingredients for success are important, so we selected 19 rules of behavior for a job seeker during an interview:

  1. Successfully complete the first stage – a telephone interview. Speak confidently, firmly, clearly. Here you should interest the interlocutor and declare the seriousness of your intentions.
  2. Pass a successful written interview – correctly fill out the questionnaire, take your time, but don’t think about each item for too long.
  3. The initial impression of a person is made up in the first 10 seconds, it will be difficult to influence him later. Therefore, do everything so that the first moments of the conversation are the most beneficial for your image.
  4. Do not forget to say hello, and during the conversation, smile. You can tell the interlocutor that you are glad to meet someone in person. Name the person you are talking to by name.
  5. If at an interview you are offered to drink coffee, do not refuse. This drink invigorates and enhances brain activity.
  6. Clearly imagine the goal – visualize it. This is how they become champions.
  7. Prepare for an interview in advance – find out everything about the company, go to its website. A candidate who does not care where to work may seem uninteresting.
  8. If you feel that you are too nervous, you can drink harmless medicine eliminates the experience, relaxes, gives confidence.
  9. Learn from any experience. Even if a specific interview did not end with a staffing, analyze it. If appropriate and possible, ask your employer for feedback.
  10. Read the most current and up-to-date book about your profession.
  11. Turn off the phone before the interview.
  12. Take care of fresh breath, clean body and clothing.
  13. Put on your best watch – it will raise your status.
  14. Be sure to have breakfast (or lunch) before the interview. It thinks worse on an empty stomach, and if a meal was long ago, it can affect glucose levels, cause headaches and stress.
  15. NLP experts advise you to adapt to the pace of the interlocutor’s speech, take a similar pose, and use his linguistic constructions.
  16. Learn in advance about the dress code in the company (if any).
  17. Make a list of your achievements and in the conversation (if it is appropriate) mention them.
  18. Go to the hairdresser. Men tend to overestimate their appearance.
  19. Do not forget to go to the toilet. Trite, but an overflowing bladder can cause rush, incorrect answers and excessive stress.

Get ready for a stressful interview. To do this, it is worth studying the company’s working methods and reading information on this topic on the Internet. Sometimes recruiters ask seemingly completely irrelevant questions in order to assess the stress resistance of the interlocutor and his ability to work under pressure.